Gold Tableware & Party Supplies

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Gold Color Party Supplies are bright and shiny, and come with many components like tableware, gift wrap, and decorations. Start off with tableware, where we provide different styles of plates in plastic or paper, square or round, divided or regular. And we are sure to have the correct cup size that will suit the beverages you will be serving. Finish your look with a table cover, available in rectangle or round. And don't forget the cutlery: forks, knives, and spoons! Add to your look with Gold decorations with crepe, fringe banners, oniongrass sprays, balloons (available in latex or mylar), and much more! We also carry team/school spirit supplies in Gold, so show pride for your organization with hats, noisemakers, tattoos, and many other items! And if you need gift packaging, Litin's Party Value also has you covered with wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, and ribbons in Gold. Our solid Gold color is lovely all on its own, or you can mix and match with other solid colors or patterned items to customize your look and maximize your party decor!